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We get a lot of questions about animals. Wine drinkers are great dog lovers it seems and so are we! We get a LOT of questions about them, here are a few, click for answers!:

Do you have any Winery/Vineyard dogs?
YES! We have Tiger, a beautiful old man dog, who is our winery dog. he is fond of food and children, very laid back with other dog visitors. Our Winemaker and Vineyard Manager also have about 3 dogs of their own, who all have different personalities when it comes to other dog visitors.
Can we bring our dog/pet/cat/miniature horse/potbelly pig?
YES! You can totally bring your pet with you to the Winery. Provided that your pet remains on a leash and supervised the entire time. Please take into account that at any one time we could have 4 of our own dogs on premises. You are responsible for the supervision of your dog on our property
Can our pet enter the Tasting Room & Gift Shop?
NO! Your pet is only admitted into the Tasting Room & Gift Shop if it is a service animal. No dogs on leashes, in purses or strollers otherwise. You are responsible for the supervision of your dog on our property.
Service Animals
All Service Animals are allowed in the winery Tasting Room & Gift SHop and on all tours of the winery and vineyard. They are working animals and we respect their service.