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  • Lori /

    Winemaker & General Manager

    Lori, the Granddaughter of Dr. Gordon Dutt the founder of Sonoita Vineyards and the Sonoita AVA, was born into Arizona Winemaking. Lori attended the University of Arizona where she received a Bachelor’s in Veterinary Science with a minor in Chemistry. After deciding to not pursue Veterinary Science she enrolled in University of California-Davis’s Oenology and Viticulture Certificate Program, which she completed in April 2014. Lori is married to Robi, the Vineyard Manager and Assistant Winemaker at Sonoita Vineyards. Together they have three sons who love the vineyard and can usually be found out in it with Robi.

  • Robi /

    Vineyard Manager

    Robi is our Vineyard Manager. He's more often found in the Vineyard than in the Winery, except during crush season. He handles all of the planting and tending of our Vineyards. Currently overseeing about 40 acres of vines he and Lori have plans to expand to the full 100 acres the winery owns. Married to Lori, they have three children who can often be found either in the Vineyards or the Winery learning the trade from their parents.