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Wedding Event Information, Pricing, and Reservations

Brides and grooms have been agreeing to tie the knot at our winery for many decades, owing to our great facilities, amazing view, and large, open spaces. We know all about the logistics, and have lots of options to accommodate your special day’s needs.

Wedding Event Pricing List

Facility Rental

Rental fees include your choice of Vintage Room & Balcony, Outside Lawn, or Gravel Area.

$100/hour for each location.

Time Starts when set-up starts. Weddings are advised to start after business hours at 5:00pm, set-up for weddings can start setting up as early as 3:00pm.

Non-Refundable Booking Deposit: $200

The non-refundable booking deposit locks in your event at Sonoita Vineyards. Due to the high demand for use of our facility, the booking deposit is required immediately upon booking, and is NON-REFUNDABLE.

Refundable Deposit: $250

The refundable deposit is to cover any damages incurred or extra employee staff hours needed for your wedding and wedding reception.

Vintage Room & Outside Balcony: $100/Hour

Our Vintage Room holds 54 guests comfortably (but can accommodate up to 72 guests), and is already equipped with tables and chairs (for 54 people). Please note that the outside balcony is not meant for additional tables and chairs; however, it is a great place for parties to “mingle” and enjoy our spectacular views.

Vintage Room for Bridal Party Preparation $300

If you are not planning on using the Vintage Room for your reception, many brides and bridal parties have opted to use the Vintage Room for wedding preparation only (to include getting ready for the big event).

Clean Up Fee $200

Outside Lawn Area: $100/Hour

Our outside lawn area is a great place to have an outdoor wedding ceremony, as it overlooks the vineyard, Huachuca Mountains and the Canelo Hills.

Outside Crushed Rock Reception Area: $100/Hour

Our outside crushed rock reception area is an ideal place to hold an outdoor reception, as it overlooks the Babacomari Ranch, Mustang and Whetstone Mountains.

Sonoita Vineyards Personnel Fee: $25/hour/employee

A minimum of two Sonoita Vineyards employees are needed per event. Depending on the number of guests in your party, additional employees may be required.


Wedding FAQ Back to Top

Q: Is there a 'best' time of the day to get married at Sonoita Vineyards?
It is highly suggested that the earliest that weddings can be held at Sonoita Vineyards is 5pm. This enables our staff to ensure that our customers have completed their wine tastings and purchases by 4:30pm in order for your event to run as smoothly as possible with few interruptions.
Q: I want to get married early in the day. Will Sonoita Vineyards accommodate this request?
Yes, you can get married at Sonoita Vineyards early in the day, however, please understand that since our Tasting Room is open 7 days/week, we will be open for all other customers during regular business hours (10am – 4/4:30pm).
Q: You state that your Vintage Room and Balcony cost is $300 for the first 5 hours. When does the time start in regards to this fee?
A: The clock starts upon arrival, or upon the time that you reserved the space, whichever is earlier.
Q: I want to use the crushed rock area for the reception, but I also want a dance floor. Will this work?
A: Yes. The party rental company that you choose may be able to set up a “floating” dance floor on the crushed rock, which works well. It is also highly advised (from past experience) that you set up the dance floor near the guest tables, so that guests can eat and dance, and not have to walk to another part of the winery grounds to do so.
Q: We want to have other alcohol at our wedding, like hard liquor and beer. Is that permissible?
No. All beverages need to be provided by the winery. Our license does not allow for hard liquor or beer to be consumed on the premises.
Q: Can we bring soda and water?
A: Again, all beverages need to be provided by the winery
Q: We want live music or a DJ. Can we have that at Sonoita Vineyards?
A: Yes, absolutely! A DJ or band can set up at the winery; however, they are responsible for bringing all of their own equipment (to include extension cords).
Q: Will we need to hire a caterer with staff if we plan on serving a dinner?
Yes, and there are quite a few great local catering companies to choose from for every style and taste. Contact the Event Manager for a list of local caterers.
Q: Will we need to work with a rental company if our wedding and reception is held outside?
Yes. Sonoita Vineyards is renting the space – you will be responsible for tables, chairs, dance floor, etc. Contact the Event Manager for a list of rental companies.

Wedding Information & Reservation Request

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